Maastricht – three churches

Maastricht – three churches

Onze Lievevrouwebasiliek, Maastricht

On Sunday during the family weekend I went to Maastricht with some of the nephews of my husband, some of their partners and their father, my husband brother and his wife and my father-in-law. First we went to the historic center with shops, cafes and buildings – like this church Onze Lievevrouwebasiliek. We went in this church. It is a dark church. You can share a light candle. It was rainy that day.

The churches below, we only saw it from the outside.

Maastricht it definitely worth it to see again.

St. Servaas Basiliek, Maastricht
Sint Janskerk, Maastricht
Sint Janskerk, Maastricht


Vaals – The Netherlands

Vaals – The Netherlands

The view of our window at the holiday park Hoog Vaals.

I’ve been to Vaals in The Netherlands. I had a family weekend over there. The aunt and uncle of my husband Wigard were married for 40 years. Pfff, what an age! I hope to be married that long.

We stayed in the holiday park Hoog Vaals.

Unfortunately I haven’t made lots of pictures there.

Two thing what I like.

Drielanden point: The Drielanden point is the spot for looking to the Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. It will be an amazing view there. It is hard to cycle over the hills, but if you are a cyclist then you can make it! But there is an alternative: going by bus.

Hotel and Restaurant Bloemendal: The main part of the family weekend was the dinner at Hotel and Restaurant Bloemendal. It was a beautiful hotel and restaurant. From the outside (below) and the inside. I love the combination of the old and modern style in the building.

The food and drinks were perfect. The first course was asparagus soup. I never ate that before, but it was very delicious!! While we had to wait for the main course we got a glass of ice cream with blueberry and red raspberry and some champagne (I never had champagne before). Second was asparagus with vegetarian burger and a thick sauce of green stuff (I don’t know what it was, but it was very nice!). As a desert I had a soft round cookie (it seems like a rusk people in Holland are eating for breakfast or lunch) with cream and above this cream there was a white topping cream with a little bit coffee cocoa and some fruit – red raspberry and black raspberry. I loved the whole dinner! At the end we got some coffee and tea.

The restaurant I can highly recommend to eat there!